Simonstone Hall Wedding Photography Leeds

Becky & Mark got married at Simonstone Hall, located very close to Buttertubs pass in North Yorkshire, and infamously the location for the event which ended in Jeremy Clarkson’s exit from the BBC. Although there were no minor celebrity punch ups on the day, Becky and Mark put on a really beautiful wedding at a stunning location, and the weather and the vibrancy of the environment and atmosphere amongst the guests really made this wedding day one to remember.

I stayed the night before this wedding in a near by village and this allowed me to scout the North Yorkshire Moors for the Buttertubs, which are funny rock formations and a sheer drop into the centre of the Earth. Despite being fenced off, I managed to find a sneaky entrance for some photos with Becky & Mark. I was also able to figure out the best spots for some dramatic portraits incorporating the North Yorkshire Moors and watched the sun set spectacularly in preparation for the next days festivities, noting the time as I departed for an early night.

I arrived early the next morning and managed to capture some amazing early morning light creating a shaft that illuminated Becky beautifully as she sat having her hair done. Arriving early also allows me to introduce myself and my camera t0 the bridal party. As soon as I am able to blend in with these guys, the rest of the guests are fairly quickly won other in terms of being accepted into the group, and these guys were so excited that the energy was very easy to get into to and they seemed unaware of the camera from the very start of the day. Mark and his groomsmen also got ready at the hotel so I was able to capture elements of both sides of the morning, concentrating mainly on the bridal party.

In the evening I went back up to the Buttertubs pass with Becky & Mark to create the portraits I had planned the night before. The end of the speeches perfectly coincided with the sunset and so we were able to take full advantage of the late summer light show. This is a great consideration to make when planning your wedding, as allowing time in the day at the right time can create some brilliant opportunities in terms of the natural light that is available.

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