Peak Edge Hotel Wedding Photography

Anna + Richard got married at The Peak Edge Hotel at The Red Lion, set on the edge of Derbyshire’s beautiful Peak District National Park, the venue offers a relaxed and contemporary setting and is conveniently located to major transport routes, making it accessible for guests arriving to your wedding. The Peak District is a beautiful part of the country and offers some fantastic countryside views that rivals some of Yorkshire’s finest, which for me is a real please to work with in terms of producing wedding photography.

When I arrived at Anna’s parents house to photograph her preparations, I met her Dad who was in the car outside, choosing to seek some calm from the excitement that bubbled from inside the house. He was going through his speech and this gave away his identity before i introduced myself. Key players on the wedding day often have important roles and or are usually dressed appropriately so as to make them stand out a little. Mums often have a hat that has required many shopping trips to acquire and Dads often look like the groom in attire, and its these nuances that help me as a wedding photographer in concentrating on the most important people on the wedding day. Similarly acts such as going through a speech or handing out button holes or orders of service all suggest a key part in the day to me as I observe it. So in short I pleased that I was able to capture the first image in this series, as it depicts one of the father of the Brides roles on her wedding day.

These guys put on a really relaxed and gents emotional day and it was a pleasure for me to become part of their wedding party and capture some great memories for them.

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