Tipi Wedding Photography

Tipi Wedding Photography

Tipi’s provide great spaces to host wedding receptions. With fire pits as standard and enough space to feed all of your guests and still include a dance floor, the flexibility of putting one up in any available field makes them a great consideration for your celebration.

Teepee Wedding Photography | Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Jemma & Kenny got married in the height of summer, doing the legal bit during the week and holding their celebration on a Saturday in Jemma’s sister’s back garden overlooking the North Yorkshire countryside near to Whitby. The couple hired a large teepee and some soul singers and the day was then set for a full on party with catering on hand with a fully stocked bar and BBQ. The day started with the promise of strong sunshine and sure enough it materialised on que as the ceremony began. This created a bit of a hurdle in terms of working with the light to produce images of a strong standard, however I was given the freedom to move around and take full advantage of the moments when the sun disappeared behind a cloud; at one point I was able to shoot into the sun and hide the it behind on of the lamp shades that decorated the aisle.

I started the day with Jemma and her bridal party at the family home, while Kenny got ready at a nearby pub. Given the close proximity of everything, I was able to meet Kenny for a few minutes as he finished his preparations before heading back to capture Jemma’s final preparations as she got into her dress. After the ceremony the couple requested a photo of them both against the view of Whitby from the churchyard near to the Abbey, and on the walk back noticed a young girl dancing on the grave of some one, which gave me an image with an interesting context to it. The rest of the day unfolded at a very casual pace with the soul singers providing some of the best entertainment that Ive seen at a wedding before everyone filled the dance floor and danced the night away.

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Alex Abbott is a Leeds Wedding Photographer working across Yorkshire and the UK. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

 Escrick Park Wedding Photography | York Wedding Photographer

Naomi and Kristian got married in a church in York and then held their reception in a Papkata Tipi at Escrick Park where I am listed as a preferred supplier. The Escrick estate has a few locations to host your wedding, whether you are looking for a woodland, a large field or a beautiful english cottage garden, neighbours also appear to be few and far between if music to a reasonable hour in the evening is on your list of requirements too, and as such I really enjoy the atmosphere at these kind of laid back affairs and its great to be able to blend in as the photographer and capture candid photographs.

The couple hired some adjacent cottages not too far from the church and stayed there with their bridesmaids and groomsmen for the weekend, and as the weather was glorious Id imagine a few barbecues took place and plenty of summer refreshments were consumed. Getting ready next door to each other meant that I could flit between the two groups on the morning of the wedding and capture photographs for both parties to see what the other got up too.

After a couple of hours I met up with the guests as they arrived in time for the ceremony. Ive said it before; I love photographing church wedding ceremonies due to the relative freedom and time that you are given over civil ceremonies, it can also add a traditional element to a celebration that doesn’t necessarily follow all of the rules of a traditional wedding, one example being the style of photographer being employed over one who might orchestrate the day more and create a set of portraits over a documentary coverage of the events.

The afternoon meandered at a leisurely pace before a band played a couple of sets into the evening. I won an award for the title image in this blog post with the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photo Journalist Association.

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Alex Abbott is an award winning York Wedding Photographer, please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.

Amy + Kieran’s Wedding | Leeds Wedding Photographer

Amy & Kieran got married at 3 Peaks Barn near to Ingleton which is pretty much the Lake District, which offers their farm yard, its buildings and the cottages on site for you to arrange and host your own wedding celebration with a view of Ribbleshead viaduct in the background.

Having a fresh venue to work with can be a great idea in order to truly personalise your wedding day, and Amy & Kieran and their guests certainly did that. They cleaned and decorated the ceremony space the day before, even building the alter themselves out of branches. The venue allowed for both parties to get ready close to each other but with enough distance that they wouldn’t bump into each other. This meant that I was able to capture both parties which can be a great thing for the both the bride and groom to be able to see what each other got up to that morning.

Having done the legal bit before their official wedding day, it meant that the service was also personalised. Amy’s brother Luke conducted the ceremony and the guests all sang Jackie Wilson’s ‘(Your Love has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher’ and then popped bottles of champagne as the vows were completed and danced back down the aisle to The Temptation’s ‘My Girl’. The reception took place against majestic Yorkshire scenery before a hog roast was served in the Tipi and the speeches took place. Having put so much thought and attention in to the rest of the day (Kieran and his groomsmen brewed their own batch of Wedding Ale), it made sense that there was a lot more to come that day. Party games were incorporated into the speeches and then Kieran’s Dad’s band played a set that brought the house down, with everyone on their feet singing and dancing away.

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Alex Abbott is an award winning wedding photographer, based in Leeds and working throughout Yorkshire in a Documentary Style. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding Photography.