Documentary Wedding Photography Leeds | York | UK

It seems that every wedding photographer nowadays is offering a photojournalistic or reportage approach to capturing your wedding photography. However what I offer is a purely unobtrusive document of your wedding; at no point during the day will I drag you away from your guests to create a celebrity style posed portrait, or an awkward image of you both looking wistfully into the distance. The exception I make is a couple of family groups when requested and these are pre planned and completed quickly so as not to distract from the over all running of the day.

I believe that by adopting this style of photography I am offering more than ‘moments’ caught in a candid style. I think that good documentary photography is evident in the overall consistency of the collection of images produced. The photographs should be taken and presented with consideration for composition, use of light and the photographs inherent story telling ability, and Ive found through the refinement of the style of my own photography, that this approach is well suited to real people who want a genuine testament of their wedding day, as opposed to the accompaniment of guided portraiture on the wedding day. I zone out when I take photographs and enjoy maintaining this level of concentration throughout the day on the direction and source of the light,  the changing compositions and the varying content within my frame in order to achieve clean and interesting photographs of a high creative standard. I like to maintain this focus throughout the day and portraiture for me is a process that requires more time than I like to break that concentration – its not an approach that suits every body, but it defiantly means that your photos will be a unique representation of you and your family and friends and not a set of formal shots that were repeated from the last wedding that I shot.

Documentary photography excites me in the potential and the expectation that every set of images that I create is unique, and in this respect, the style of my photography does not follow fashion; yet the inherent nature of my influences seeks to find a compliment between the aesthetic of the environment and the subject in order to preserve or capture a moment that can be cherished for many years after in a well constructed photograph. I have personally found photographs of this nature in my personal collection have increased in value over the years.

I got into photography through documenting my travels around India. Life happens all around you in India at all times of day, and capturing this human experience is what initially got my attention when it came to taking photographs. Similarly I love photographing weddings, as there are lots of opportunities to create photos that record the human experience and depict the personalities and expressions that make each person the unique individual that you know and love. For me each wedding that I attend is a bit like a foreign adventure with lots of traditions, societies and cultures for me to observe and creatively interpret for you to treasure for the rest of your lives together.

A common misconception about documentary photography is that it is produced with a long lens from the sanctuary of a bush or from the comfort of hiding behind a tree. This is often not the case for outstanding photography produced within this style; I think that the best documentary wedding photographers are an integral part of the action that occurs, and this is what creates the atmosphere within a shot and allows the viewer to connect with the people and events that have been interpreted. A real feature of a good documentary wedding photographer is the ease at which the subjects in the photographs appear, it’s about discretion and ultimately being accepted by a group of strangers in order to capture a set of images without the photographer having influence on events as they unfold.

Alex Abbott is a Multi Award Winning Documentary Wedding Photographer, based in Leeds and working throughout the UK and Europe. Please click here to get in touch about your wedding photography.